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• CSWAP, a Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX), has announced a partnership with the Ape Nation NFT project.
• Original Ape Nation NFTs can be staked to earn CSWAP tokens.
• The partnership is expected to increase exposure to both the DEX and the NFT project, with holders aping into the project.

Cardano DEX Partners with Ape Nation

CSWAP has announced a partnership with the Ape Nation NFT project on February 27th, 2023. According to the DEX, Ape Nation aims to „build and lead one of the most recognized CNFT projects with true long-term appeal.“ Original Ape Nation NFTs can be staked non-custodially for users to earn $CSWAP tokens, and the Cardano DEX has also launched a „CNFTGiveaway“ where one lucky winner will receive a complete set of three Ape Nation NFTs. This partnership is expected to increase exposure for both parties involved.

Admirable Apes

The CSWAP team admires several characteristics of the Ape culture that have been established by its leadership team, including resurrecting it from abandonment as well their commitment to community centrism and passion for utility. Moreover, this unique project allows users to stake NFTs in order to earn various cryptocurrencies tokens as well as mutate original NFTs using special vials.

Rise of The Nation of The Apes

Ape Nation is a collection of 9999 Non-Fungible Tokens (NTFS) minted on the Cardano blockchain network that are designed for long-term appeal. With this new partnership between CSWAP and Ape nation, holders are beginning to take notice as sales have spiked over the past 24 hours. Furthermore, community members have voiced their opinion that both parties will ultimately benefit from this collaboration in terms of increased exposure and recognition within their respective industries.

Staking & Pre-Launch Access

In addition, stakers can gain pre-launch access by staking original ApeNation NFTS or participating in ISPO (CSWP1/CSWP). These incentives are likely encouraging more individuals to join in on staking these tokens while also providing them with exclusive access before launch.


Overall, this exciting collaboration between two industry leaders is sure to bring beneficial results for both parties involved within their respective markets in terms of increased visibility as well as potential revenue streams through staking rewards or pre-launch access incentives

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