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• Binance is facing regulatory pressure from France and the Netherlands.
• The two countries are looking to limit the company’s activities in their jurisdictions.
• Binance has responded by saying it will comply with local laws and regulations.

Binance Facing Regulatory Pressure

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is facing regulatory pressure from France and the Netherlands as both countries look to limit its activities in their jurisdictions. This comes after other countries such as the United States have started to crack down on unregulated crypto exchanges.

France Making Moves Against Binance

In France, authorities have informed Binance that it must obtain a license from them before operating in the country or face legal action. The French regulator stated that they had received numerous complaints about unauthorized activities taking place on Binance, including money laundering and terrorist financing.
The French government also reiterated its commitment to fighting financial crime and stated that any exchange wishing to operate in France must adhere to strict licensing requirements.

Netherlands Following Suit

The Dutch central bank (DNB) too has warned against using unlicensed cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, citing concerns over money laundering and terrorist financing risks associated with them. The DNB has urged investors to only use licensed platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.
The Dutch regulator also called on companies offering services related to cryptocurrencies not only in their own country but also abroad, to comply with applicable laws and regulations of foreign countries where they offer their services.

Binance Responding To Pressure

In response, Binance has said that it will comply with local laws and regulations wherever it operates, including those set by the French and Dutch authorities when necessary. It further stated that it is committed to protecting users’ funds while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws across different jurisdictions where it operates globally.


This latest move by France and the Netherlands could be seen as part of a wider trend of governments cracking down on unregulated crypto exchanges which are perceived as being high risk due to their lack of oversight or regulation. As such, this could be a signal for other nations looking into similar measures against these types of platforms in order to protect investors from potential risks associated with them.

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