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• Web3 Antivirus – Boosting Crypto Security
• QuickNode – Cloud Development for Blockchain
• Alyra – Teaching a New Generation of Blockchain Professionals

The Growing Blockchain Industry

Paris Blockchain Week is one of the biggest blockchain events in Europe and it showcased the industry’s potential for strong growth in 2023. Despite ongoing volatility, crypto startups continue to develop exciting projects aimed at making blockchain development simpler and more secure.

Web3 Antivirus

One such startup, Web3 Antivirus, is working on increasing user security by scanning incoming blockchain transactions and blocking malicious ones. Its proprietary tools and oracles can analyze incoming smart contracts for known malicious code. The goal is to build an extensive database and oracle network that would protect users from all kinds of blockchain malware.


Another innovative startup at Paris Blockchain Week was QuickNode, which offers cloud-based services to simplify blockchain development. Developers can use designated nodes provided by QuickNode instead of running their own nodes, thus reducing the barrier to entry for developing decentralized applications (DApps). This makes it easier for people to create crypto projects and DApps without needing to be tech-savvy.


Alyra is another startup that helps teach a new generation about the power of blockchain technology. They offer educational resources on topics like tokenomics, smart contract programming, cryptography, and more. These courses enable students to gain skills necessary for creating sophisticated DApps on the Ethereum platform.


Overall, Paris Blockchain Week showcased exciting startups with innovative use cases ranging from user security to developer tools. Security remains a major concern when it comes to crypto adoption but startups like Web3 Antivirus are helping reduce this risk while making development easier with cloud services offered by companies like QuickNode. Lastly, Alyra is helping educate a new generation of blockchain professionals who will be vital in building out the growing DeFi space in the years ahead

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